The Library of an institution is the key centre of attraction the students to enrich and Proliferate knowledge. Though our academy's Library is an nascent stage but it is full with text & reference books, general books of renowned authors, news paper & journal like Prantik, University News, Gariashi, Bijnan Jeuty, Vigyan Surabhi, Science Reporter etc.

The Genius Academy authority has started "Pustakalaya" book shop from this academic session for the benefit of students. Books and Khatas will be sold at reduce price.

Life is all about choices. For students, who are worried of what next, career counselling comes to the NEXT. So career planning is a must. It is process that will go on through one's life. Within a plethora of career options, one must have right choice, which discipline will be suitable for him.

Exhibition of career options, seminars by Resource Persons/Experts, field visit to important centres/institutions etc. are Academy's humble endeavour.

Tutorial & Remedial Classes :

The academy conducts these classes regularly in a compulsory manner so that no student can take french leave. One of the major advantages of introducing such classes is that a student never gets addicted to tution.

Personality Development Programme :

Personality of a person is not inborn. As Rishi Manu says- "Samskarat dwija Uchate'. It can be acquired. In such a highly competitive era where knowledge i.e. quality knowledge is key factor, one must be armed with many skills like communication skills, soft skills, habit of extensive reading, art of thinking, character building pursuit etc.

We believe that training of such programme uplifts a person's personality; so organisation of such training for students as well as teachers of our 'Parivar' is a compulsory phenomenon.