About Genius Academy

              Genius Academy, North Lakhimpur is not only an institution pertaining general education of H.S. standard of ARTS , SCIENCE &COMMERCE since inception,but it covers various other competitive fields like Medical& Engineering tests, Spoken English course ,Personality development including YOGA and career guidance.

                  Due  to the invention of digital education or ONLINE EDUCATION ,our institution is neck to neck with this Hi-tech education,so that the students in general &the Teachers in particular may quite accustomed with the atmosphere. So Genius Academy is now in a position to boast of her alumni who are now studying in various reputed institution like IIT, NIT, Engineering or Medical Colleges or reputed Universities. 

                    As the good education is  a good passport of good education . so GENIUS ACADEMY is always on this track for hopes & inspirations for our students in particular & parents/ guardians  in general.

                   The Academy is also conducting intensive coaching for school & College level by qualified teaching staff using modern techniques. For benefit of students now and then we invite resource persons & organise different seminars on Career Information, Time Management, Personality Development etc.

            Owing to continuous demand from parents and guardians our organising committee decided to introduce a Junior College in two disciplines. Science and Arts from 2006. Due to public pressure and growing demand of cutting edge subjects related to commerce. Genius Academy started new discipline commerce from the session (2011) with good and dynamic faculty members.

              The Academy has some unique objectives, commitment and approaches. These include guiding students through goal oriented systematic coaching. Some of the attractions of the Academy are training in different co-curricular activities like Computer Courses, Spoken English, Communication skills, Career Counselling as well as Academic Counselling, Education Tour etc. The students would be given a right mix of academic and other activities. The unique feature of the Academy is three tier teaching structure- The first consists of regular teachers, followed by the second one of experienced teachers and ultimately the third is of professionals as well as Academicians. The academy has a think tank where a galaxy of academics, thinkers meet to discuss various problems like socio-economic and specially educational. This think tank gives emphasis on art of living & personality development.

          The great mathematician & Philosopher and one of the leaders of modern education, Descartes said, for the daily conduct of life, 'Begin every day by meditating for a few minutes'. So, our classes start daily with Academy's prayer and meditation.

Information about the governmental and academic recognition of our institution :-

Genius Academy Junior College has acquired permission from A.H.S.E.C to start H.S. 1st year Arts and Science classes under No. AHSEC / RPR / RRC / 57 / 06 / 6681 / dated 21/08/2005. The institution has also acquired prior permission from the govt. of Assam vide No. PC / PR / 34 / 2008 / 135 / dated 25-02-2010. H.S 1st Year permission is accorded by the A.H.S.E.C vide No. A.H.S.E.C./ RPR / RRC / 57 /06 / 6681 / dated 10/9/2009 and H.S. 2nd year permission is accorded by the A.H.S.E.C vide No. AHSEC./ RPR / RRC / 58 /06 / 8772(A) / dated 07/09/2010 Further, the institution has govt. Registration vide No. AS-07-JC-47 dated 25/02/2010 Recognition No.- AHSEC/RPR/RRC/60/07/9327(A), dtd-20/09/2011.